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Small team functionality

Email Open, Reply & Click Tracking Unlimited Personalization

Smart Scheduling & Throttling Automated follow-ups

2 Way Inbox (Respond to Leads)

Gmail / Gsuite Integration

SMTP Server Integration

Amazon SES Integration

CRM integrations via Zapier


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All the Starter features plus:

Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Team Members

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Early access to new features

Extras: Generate Leads Instantly using Lead Scraper

As low as $0.002 per Lead!

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Thad Lockard

Miriam Thorne

"Just got FB earlier today and am impressed with the simplicity and intuitive approach. I am also very impressed by the visual campaign designer - with multiple options (I guess that's the Nth level automation - never seen it before "

  • Personalization
  • Automation
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Team Collaboration

Would you love to be an Internet Rockstar? So do your prospects!

Research has shown that over 33% more people click on Personalized Images (for example, pictures with their names on it).

That is an amazing level of engagement from a single action. Manually, it would take you countless hours to personalize and send thousands of emails to prospects.

Do it automatically with FunnelBake, and then some!


Back in the old days of cold emailing, you’d be lucky to get 20-30 emails in per hour.

With FunnelBake you can send thousands of emails to your prospects, as if you were doing them one by one, except you’re not.

FunnelBake’s “Nth Level Automation” means you can setup a campaign once, configure the triggers (like: when someone opens or replies to your email) and then choose an action (like: send them another follow up email, or a discount code).

It’s as simple as “if this, then that”. Our FunnelFlow Builder allows you to easily set up amazing automated email campaigns to Outreach, Nurture, and then Bring your Prospects in for the Close.


Make data-driven decisions and tweaks to your email marketing. No more guessing what works and what doesn’t.

When you’re running a business, you need predictable marketing results. FunnelBake comes with a full suite of analytics that will show you who, what, when where, and how your emails are engaging with your prospects.


Share and manage your entire marketing team straight from the dashboard

FunnelBake allows you to collaborate with your team by adding and editing email campaigns, templates, and workflows.

You can also see all the analytics for every specific team member, and the team as a whole.

Need to add, edit, or remove a team member? It takes one or two clicks to get this done.


Getting started has never been easier.

Marketing is easier when your tools play nicely together.

Seamlessly integrate every aspect of your business, with many ways to connect, and see it all in one place.

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