Try These 8 Sales Email Templates during Your Next Campaign

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Templates can make or break an email campaign.

While some internet experts insist that you should always create unique messages and change them based on a situation, this definitely takes a lot of time. Instead, why don’t you simply rely on a premade template, fill in a few basic information and send the message to a potential lead or influencer?

Before I go a bit deeper and reveal 8 awesome templates, you should get acquainted with them a bit more, learn the pros and cons, and how to make money by using them.

Read on; it will be worth your while!

sales email template

Main elements of a sales template

You might think that a template is an email like every other.


It is a calculated message that is meant to get people excited about a potential purchase. And this is where the problem lies.

Everybody is selling something!

A businessman gets dozens of such emails during a week. It is really hard to filter through them so most people simply decide to instantly delete them. They perceive them as nothing more than a needless spam even if they might profit from the offer.

It is really hard getting noticed but it is still possible. Here are some elements that you have to focus on in order to succeed:


Everything starts with the title. Unless you’re able to create catchy headlines, don’t even bother starting an email campaign.

Writing a catchy title for the template is very similar to writing a title for an article: it has to persuade a person to click on it and start reading.

There are various ways to approach the issue; you can write a short but intriguing title, you can write something really funny or crazy, or you can simply state your offer within it.


By using a template, you’ve decided that majority of the message will be non-unique. However, some personalization is still required.

The most important thing is to add an individual’s name at the beginning. It has to be mentioned in the first sentence as a way of averting attention. Most people will stop there when it comes to personalization but I like to take it a step further.

Ideally, you should add another sentence where lead, lead’s company or something personal from his life is mentioned. This way you’re showing that this is not just another spam mail. Instead, it will appear as if you were targeting him from the get-go.


Formatting is often understated and underappreciated part of emails. While it doesn’t have anything to do with the message itself, it affects how a person sees it.

Readability should always be one of your priorities as leads tend to delete a message if it feels a bit too stuffy.

So, make sure to separate the sentences and paragraphs and give them room to “breathe”. You can also consider adding some other graphic solution, bolded and italic letters. Everything can work!

Call to action

Oftentimes marketing experts get caught up with creating the message they forget the most important thing – call to action.

You might have the greatest offer in the world but it means little if you’re unable to capitalize on it.

Add a link pointing to your site and make sure to force people’s hand. Best way to finish a good pitch is by allowing a lead to buy a product or service.


Lastly, we have to mention the length of the template. Some people feel that longer is better and that by extending the email, they’re actually able to explain the offer a bit more.

That is a mistake.

Every added word or a sentence increases the odds that a person will close the window and delete your message forever. Keep in mind that you still have to explain the product, but make sure to keep the length to a minimum.

Ask yourself what is necessary and what is not. By answering this question, you’re able to create so-called dense content and only focus on things that matter and that will ultimately, bring you money.

You still here?


Now, let’s get to the real deal – 8 actionable sales templates. Read on!

1. Compliment a lead

We all like to be at the center of attention; it is in human nature.

That being said, it is not surprising the compliments are a good way to start a sales template. Keep in mind that this approach takes a little bit more time as you will actually have to do some research beforehand but it is definitely worth your while. You would have to personalize your message anyway so might as well do it this way.

Hey (Name)

I’ve been following the progress of your company and I have to say that I’m impressed with what you’ve managed to do in the last year. It is a real pleasure seeing an up-and-coming in our industry having such a big impact.

Hopefully, you will continue doing such a good work and make us all proud!

If you have any need for assistance, my company can provide it. Just check our site or contact me directly if you have any questions!


2. Mutual goals

Mission and vision are not there just for a show.

Companies truly believe in these values and are prepared to make business moves according to them. It is something that guides them on daily basis and by having similar goals, you increase the odds of getting an interview exponentially.

Best thing yet, you can acquire this data rather easy. All you have to do is visit their site!

Even if we’re not talking about a company or organization, every individual has his own personal goals and preferences. Again, if you wish to learn more about a lead, you can do it easily by visiting his social media pages.

Some research is required for this step but it can yield some great returns.

Hey (Name)

I’ve noticed that your company has made a great effort in protecting our national museums. It is good to have such dedicated citizens who will make our society better.

My company also works closely with the department of culture. Our product has become very popular for this exact reason. You might even want to check it out.

Perhaps we might do some business in the future?


3. Offer assistance

People simply love free things. In fact, they don’t only love them; they appreciate them.

This is precisely how you can turn some heads.

By providing a simple help to an individual or a company, you can catch some easy and positive attention. Bear in mind that it doesn’t have to be related to their industry. Perhaps you’ve noticed a mistake on their website? Perhaps they’re doing something wrong with their products or services? Or you can simply get them acquainted with another influencer or a company.

There are numerous ways to help a person and all you have to do is find the right way. Even though this might be a smaller assistance, it is definitely something they will remember. This approach also allows you to showcase your skills so it’s a win-win situation.

Hey (Name)

I’m (Name), a graphics expert from (City). I was browsing your site the other day and I’ve noticed there is something off with this image. Perhaps I can help you?

It will take me a few hours of work but being that you’re one of my favorite companies in the industry, I will be honored if I can provide any assistance.

Contact me at any time!


4. Capitalize on a fan

All companies are using social media and subscriptions but most of them are not capitalizing properly. You might have thousands and thousands of visitors on your Facebook page but you never managed to get any money out of them.

This has to stop.

Whenever a person subscribes to newsletters or follows you on social media, make sure it counts. Don’t sit idly waiting for things to happen as they rarely happen by themselves. Instead, take charge and pitch these contacts directly. You can even consider making a special offer; they will definitely appreciate the attention.

Warm contacts are a real gold mine. They’ve already shown interest in you and all you have to do is pitch them with a nice sales template.

Hey (Name)

I’m glad that you’re following our site! Hopefully, you like the products and services that we’re offering.

In fact, this is the main reason why I’m contacting you today. I’ve decided to make a special offer to our loyal fans by giving (Amount) discount to all our loyal fans. Needless to say, you’re on the list!

If you like anything from the shop, just add it to cart together with this coupon code (Code). 

Hope you enjoy the purchase!


5. Recommendation

Recommendations are the bloodline of sales.

People are always skeptic when they have to try a new product or service. This makes sense as humans are conservative in nature; every change disrupts our everyday life and brings about uncertainty.

This is precisely the reason why cold pitches have such a low conversion in comparison to contacting a warm lead. Best way to circumvent this? By getting a recommendation!

Talk with a previous client and ask them to recommend someone. Or you can simply browse the client’s social profile, find contacts which may potentially be interested in what you have to offer and contact them. Tell that you’ve dealt with his friend and that he was satisfied. Can’t go wrong with that!

Hey (Name)

My name is (Name) from (Company). I recently did business with a friend of yours, (Name), and he told me that I should contact you. He said that you might be interested in our products and services.

Just because you’re a friend of a friend, we got something special for you. Just check this offer!

If you have any other questions, make sure to contact me directly!


6. Template based on content

Nowadays, everyone has a website. Furthermore, most companies have a blog and constantly publish new content.

Breaking the ice is always hard. So, why don’t you use that content as a conversation starter?

You can approach it in numerous ways: you can ask for an advice regarding your latest piece or you can comment on potential customer’s articles. In fact, you can even start a conversation by talking about an unrelated piece which wasn’t posted on either one site.

There are lots of ways to go about things and I’m certain you will find the right one. Remember that this template doesn’t necessarily produce sales on a first go (nor do you offer anything) but instead it is simply used as a conversation starter.

Hey (Name)

My name is (Name) from (Company). I recently created an article about (Topic). It garnered a lot of attention within industry’s circles. 

I noticed that you also published something similar (Link). It is an awesome piece! Although I like it very much, I didn’t quite get the (Section of the article) part.


7. Ask them to participate

Let’s say you’re organizing an event. You would like to attract as much attention as possible and also make some sales along the way, right?

Well, you can easily do it with a proper template.

Whether you’re organizing a charity event, an industry roundup or a podcast, you can ask people to join. Everyone likes to be a part of something bigger and most people will respond with yes. Furthermore, during the event, you will have the opportunity to meet your leads in person and further establish the relationship.

It will give you an intimate access without ever breaking a sweat. Needless to say, such contacts usually result in a higher conversion.

Hey (Name)

My name is (Name) from (Company). 

I’m organizing a charity event in (Place) and I’m inviting some of the top industry experts. Given that I respect your work; you are one of the first people I’ve contacted.

Would you be interested in attending? It will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and do some business.


8. Social media template

Nowadays, people oftentimes connect via social media.

Even if someone is a complete stranger, this is a good way of introducing yourself without too much hassle.

First, follow a person on his favorite social media platform. Find the one where he’s most active.

Now, here is the catch. Instead of communicating directly through social media, you can send a template regarding his social media post or something else that happened in his nearby vicinity. Also, make sure to mention why you decided to use an email form instead of communicating directly through the platform. This will make things less suspicious.

There are a plethora of topics to choose from and you can easily find one which he will be interested in.

Hey (Name)

I recently noticed your social media post about (Topic). I have to say, this is quite an intriguing topic which is why I decided to contact you via email. I also wanted to get your professional opinion on something. 

What is your opinion on (Subject)? 


Last thoughts

There is always some good way to start a conversion. Just make sure to offer something that a person wants.

Marketers constantly make one and the same mistake of selling a product where there is no demand. Instead of missing your target all the time, find people who would be interested in what you’re selling or at least, who you can become interested with some persuasion.

Templates are used as a way of breaking down natural barriers and inhibitions. Hopefully, this post will help you do just that!

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