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New Feature: Inbox is Now Live

Most Awaited Feature, our smart 2-way Inbox Sync Feature is now live!

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka

Ever wanted to manage your prospects replies within one platform?

If you answered that yes...

...then let me introduce you our brand new 2-way Smart Inbox Sync

Why smart?

Because the platform only sync's the email that is sent from FunnelBake keeping your FunnelBake Inbox extremely clean from spam or any unwanted emails that are not required to be synced.

Do you have to do anything to enable the 2-way Inbox? Not at all.

Simply head over to

2-way inbox sync

The Feature now lets you do the following at the time of launching this feature.

Filter Replies Based on Campaigns


This is one of my favourite filters.

Filter Replies based on campaign allows you to filter the replies you have received based on the campaigns that you are actively running.

This will ensure, you will never miss out on any prospect.

Assign Filter Based on Category


You can now assign a category to your prospect based on

  • All
  • Interested
  • Not Interested
  • Not Now
  • Never Contact (Ouch!)

Also, you can now assign respected tags based on how you have qualified your prospects.


Finally, you can collaborate with your team, and assign the prospect to another member of your team.


Reply to your prospect from the FunnelBake Dashboard.

To conclude:

With the new version of our Inbox feature, you can now reply to your prospect without leaving your dashboard.


We are adding several more features inside our Inbox to make it even more amazing.

Got suggestions? Leave a comment below and let us know!

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

Love Baking Emails.