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Cold Emailing Tips: How To Get Started (The Ultimate Guide)

Still struggling with your cold emailing campaign? These (never spoken) cold emailing tips will help you how to get started. (Free Template Included)

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka


Are you struggling with Cold Emailing?

..if you answered that yes, then continue reading to get amazing golden cold emailing tips.

cold emailing tips

Cold Emailing is one of the effective and cheapest mode of acquiring customers even in 2018.

percentage of buyers

As per Impact Compact, roughly 70% of the users make a decision purchase to solve their problems while the rest of the 30% makes the purchase in a hope to gain something.

How does that matter?

Cold Emailing is reach out to those users in order to cater either of the above mentioned category.

Even in 2018, cold emailing is the cheapest way of acquiring customers as compared to any other platform.

..and in this "how to" guide, I will show you, how to get started with your email cold outreaching campaign (even if you are a complete newbie).

P.S. Free Cold Email Template Included (Hint: Someone in between the article, make sure to read the article to find out)

What is Cold Email?

Imagine you are sitting at your home watching your favorite episode of Game Of Thrones during weekends after a stressful work week.

..and a random guy shows up in front of your door, trying to sell you his amazing paintings...

sun tanning

Chances are, you will shut the door on his face and go back to watching your favorite episode of Game Of Thrones.

game of thrones

Cold Emailing is exactly the same. When you are reaching out to your a prospect through email, it's termed as Cold Emailing.

..but wait..didn't I just mention above that the guy had shut the door on the person's face?

That's true, I did mention that because when you are sending cold emails, it's important to send out to the right person.

If you ever reach out to me offering me to sell your video course on "How to become the next Master Chief", chances are I never will respond.


Because I am not right prospect.

However, if the same is sent to my Mom, she will be tempted to buy the video course.

In simple terms, Cold Emailing is reaching out to your potential prospects through email to nurture and seize a deal with them.

P.S. If you reach out to me mentioning about my Favorite FootClub Manchester United then you will have my attention right away

(The above is known as level of personalization which will talk about in another blog post. Click Here to subscribe and get notified when the next blog post goes live)

Keep reading the next to find some ways to find your prospect.

Finding Your Prospects

Finding your prospect is like finding the Nemo in the ocean.

finding nemo

Luckily, I will share two amazing strategies that can help you get thousands of potential prospects and leads for yourself right away without spending a dime.

(I will be covering a in-depth ultimate guide on different ways of finding leads. Enter your details below to subscribe as I won't be publishing that as a article, but it will be a PDF)

Method One: Finding Email Address of the Users using Facebook.

One of the best untapped way to acquire leads for almost zero cost is through Facebook.

(no, not ads)

Facebook has communities known as Facebook Groups


In order to find and join a group. Head over to Facebook Search and look for your desired group that you want to join.

P.S. Look for relevant groups in your niche. Since you are reading this article, I will highly recommend you to join FunnelBake's group

funnelbake facebook group

Once you have joined the group, introduce yourself and start sharing some amazing contents (No external link).

Chances are, you will start getting relevant friend request. Also, send out about 20-40 requests per day from the people in the Group.

For the next thirty days, you will roughly collect around 600-1200 leads. (I will not recommend to add higher number of people than the recommended number because you could get your account banned).

Now once you have added the user, time to scrape their email address. (Fun Part)

To do that, you will need to register your account with Yahoo.


Yahoo has a contract signed with Facebook that allows you to sync your Facebook contacts with Yahoo.

yahoo contact finder


Once you click on the contact's page, you will be able to see the following page.

export facebook contacts

Once synced, you will see the above numbers as shown in the screenshot.

The final step, download this chrome extension so that you can download all the newly synced Yahoo contacts.

Now, follow this video guide to understand how to install the plugin and export the newly synced contacts.

You are all set.

Before sending out emails, either read Method Two or switch to the next step (I will highly recommend reading Method Two)

Method Two: Finding Email Address of the Users using LinkedIn.

There are several ways of finding LinkedIn contacts, and prospecting your targets.

However, in this guide, since it's not about ONLY prospecting, I will be covering the guide in dept in another article.

This method involves adding relevant CEOs and CTOs in your industry, connecting with them and downloading the data.

Head over to search and type CEO and you will see the following:

finding leads on LinkedIn


Click on All Filters, select your settings and filter your prospect and start adding them manually. (I will not recommend any bots or tools as LinkedIn has been cracking down on users using automated tools)

linkedin filters

Once you have added enough relevant connection to your account (Ideally I will recommend adding 2000+ Connection before you begin to the next step).

Time to export your LinkedIn Data 😁

Head to LinkedIn's My Network and click on See All

linkedin myconnection

Time to click on Manage Synced and imported contacts

![linkedin Manage synced and imported-contacts]](/blog/content/images/2018/04/linkedin-Manage-synced-and-imported-contacts-.jpg), click on export contacts


All you have to do is the following, select The Works and select press the button Request Archive.

export linked connections

...the waiting game begins. It takes LinkedIn around 12-24 hours to archive all your data. Take a nap, and check out your archive in the morning.

Time to combine both your lists and head to the next step (My Favorite) using Facebook Ads. (Before you wonder why Facebook Ads, keep reading and you will find the answer).

Warming Your Prospects using Facebook Ads

To be honest with you, this is what your prospect has to through his email everyday.

Unless you can stand out in the battle, you cannot get your prospect's attention.

(So don't ride on the horse if everyone is riding on the horse, grab a Dragon instead to stand out in the battle to get the required attention)

Cold Emailing is all about conversions and getting new customers on board.

However, there is a smarter way to increase your conversation rate by warming up your leads in a unique way.

It's by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads has a unique custom audience feature that can let you upload data in the form of email and phone number.

Facebook will try to look for those in their database to create a new custom audience for you based on your database.

This is a crucial step, and in most cases you will find 60-80% accuracy with your LinkedIn data while 100% accuracy with your Facebook Contact List.

Before you learn how to setup Custom Audience, you need to unsterdand why Facebook Ads and the psychology behind it.

As per businessinder, on an average people spend 20 minutes everyday on Facebook.

With Facebook Ads, you can reach to your desired prospect through Facebook.

When you launch a Facebook Campaign targeting your Custom Audience, out of no where your prospect will start seeing about your brand.

That's a good start because you want to ensure that you can convert maximum number of people when you are sending out an email to your prospects.


Within few hours, as soon as Facebook starts disturbing your ads in their system, your prospects will start seeing your ads.

Be creative with your ads, and don't try to sell them right away, instead just let know about you.

In next Step, will learn how to setup Custom Audience.

Setting Up Custom Audience

To get started, you need to register at

Once you have created your account head to Business Manager>Audiences

facebook business manage audience

It will take you to https: //business. facebook. com/asset-library/audience/YOUR-AD-ACCOUNT-ID


Click on Custom Audience. As soon as you click on that, a modal will open.

Next, you need to select Customer File as we are looking to upload a list.


Once you click on Customer File, now select "Add Customers from your own file or copy and paste data"

create a custom audience


upload custom data facebook custom audience

Upload your custom email list as show in the screenshot above, and make sure it's in the CSV format.

Add your Description. I prefer adding my Outreaching Campaign ID that I use at FunnelBake in most cases to stay organized and click next.


facebook custom audience mapping data

You need to map your data correctly to ensure Facebook can map the correct data for you.

Once your mapping is completed, click on Upload & Create button.

Here are the most important criterias:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • ..and Phone Number if any

You need to now wait. Once the data has been uploaded, you will see the following screen

your custom audience was uploaded

It will take some time for Facebook to map your data, and it will look something like this while it's doing:

Facebook Custom Audience Update

Once the data has been mapped, the updating audience status will change to completed.

P.S. We are not going to build a LookALike Audience in this case since we are only running ads to convert those cold leads.

Working On Your Copy

One of the most important aspect of Facebook is setting up your copies and using the right settings.

With my copies, I keep everything very straight and simple.

I will recommend you doing video ad. However, if that's not possible then you can go ahead with Banner Ad with a clear CTA.

I will be covering an in-depth guide on Facebook Ads soon where I will be talking about Facebook Ads from basic to advance as it's tough to cover this entire section in this guide!

Sign up to get notified when it goes live:

Running Your Ads for a Week

Before you start sending out emails to prospects, let your ads run for at least a good week.

During this week, you will most like spend around $100 on Facebook Ads where your prospect will keep seeing your ads a few times a day for the next one week.

Setting Up Your Email Address

It's time to setup your email address.

I will never recommend you to use your Gmail Account to send any emails unless you are using Gsuite.

However, one problem with Gusite is that you are restricted to the number of emails you can send per day due to the API restrictions.

Hence, I prefer setting up my email address on Amazon AWS Server along with Mail In A box.

Once you have setup your email account using the above guide, you are all set with your email accounts.

Setting Up Your FunnelBake Account and launching your Email Outreaching Campaign

Time for some action:

Once you have registered your account with FunnelBake you need to select your plan depending on the size of your outreaching campaign.

Once you are inside your dashboard head over to team

At the bottom of the page you will see a tab for SMTP/IMAP configuration, click that.

funnelbake smtp setup

Enter your SMTP details, and once verified, FunnelBake will let you know that your mails has been successfully configured

smtp settings funnelbake

smtp settings verified


funnelbake how to create templates

Head over to your Templates and create a new template

funnelbake template setup

Once you have created the new template, time to use this EXCLUSIVE feature that only FunnelBake offers at the time of writing this email:

email inbox tester

We call it our Gmail Inbox Tester. It's a nice little tool that helps you to understand whether your email will land into Inbox, Promotion, Update or Spam Tab.

We have built out own API that connects with several test Gmail accounts that we own. So the results are 100% accurate.

In case if your landing inside SPAM, tweak your templates until you hit in the Inbox tab.

Once you have setup your First Template, setup few more follow up templates so that you can then launch your campaign.


You need to upload your list to whom you want to start sending out emails. Make sure you are uploading the same list that you uploaded on Facebook to ensure the deliverability.

To do that, head over to Groups and add a new group.


Now, click on Add Subscribers button and upload your CSV file. Once the upload is completed, map your list and you are set.

Pro Tip: You can setup your Custom Fields in case if you have many custom fields.

Now, time to launch the campaign.

In order to launch the campaign, click the New Campaign button on your sidebar

funnelbake create new campaign

To setup your campaign, fill out all the details for your campaign:

funnelbake campaign setup

Pro Tip: Always enable Drip and send your emails throughout the day to ensure maximum Inbox.

Simply setup your desired email funnel flow as per how you want to setup the follow up

funnelbake campaign builder

Once everything is completed, you are now ready to start your campaign.


You are set. Now let FunnelBake do all the magic work for you.

How to create an Effective Cold Emailing Campaign & Cold Emailing Tips using 4 Para Formula

What is 4 Para Formula?

4 Para Formula is a effective email outreaching strategy that involves a total four pagagram addressing:

  • The Surprise Element (Catching the prospect off guard)
  • Self Introduction (One line)
  • Message and the reasoning
  • Strong CTA

Followed by a simple signature.

I love the 4 Para Formula Strategy that I designed to make every email outreaching campaign very effective.

Below is a great example of cold emailing template that I wrote specially for this guide:

cold email template
Link to Full Screen Image:

In the above example, I have covered some of the most important aspect that one should cover when sending out outreaching emails.

1) Start with an emoji in the subject line for better open rate.
Always remember, start with an emoji if you really want to stand out in the crowded email place.

The average open rate in the software industry is around 22%, and if you get anything above 10% open rate then consider yourself lucky :)

2) Keep your subject line Interesting.
I always try to keep my subject line very interesting, or I will only use 3-5 words, not more than that. That gives me a better Open Rate as I am creating urgency and making my prospect read less.

3) Add another emoji after you personalize a greetings in the first line.
When you write another emoji in your greetings, the emoji shows up twice in Gmail making you stand out without looking spammy.

4) Do Not Add Links or Images
Whenever you are sending out your first email to anyone, do not have any oubound link (not even in your signature) or images. It's a big no if you want to have a better Inbox rate.

5) Always warm your email and IP
Before you stard massive outreaching, it's important to warm your email and IP for at least a few weeks.

6) Keep your email short and use my 4 Para Formula
The 4 Para Formula comprises of:

  • The Surprise Element (Catching the prospect off guard)
  • Self Introduction (One line)
  • Message and the reasoning
  • Strong CTA

Use this formula and I can assure you a lot of success.

Emails that are short (100 words or less) get roughly 46% higher response rate than a medium (100-500 words), and an 82% better response rate than the longer emails.

7) It's About Prospect
Cold emailing is not about you, it's always about your prospect. Whenever you are sending an email to your prospect, make sure that you talk about them and provide some solution.

8) Personalization
Do not send a generic email. I always prefer adding my prospect's name using FunnelBake's First Name personalized tag {{:firstname}}. I use the same tag for greeting the prospect.

9) Strong CTA
Your last time is very crucial, make sure to have a strong CTA and offer something for free. For example: How about a free 30 minute consultancy where I can offer you some great advice that will help you with your marketing efforts.

10) Follow Up Follow Up Follow Up
I cannot emphasize enough on this point, closing a deal is all about following up. If you keep following up with your prospect, chances of you closing your prospect is very high.

11) Sound Natural and not Salesy
No one likes those sales people who are very pushy, so try to keep your tone and conversation natural.


  • Never Capitalize your entire subject line, study shows a decreate in 64% less open rate.

The above eleven points will take your next campaign that you launch with FunnelBake at a whole new level.

Cold Emailing Template (5 Follow Sequence)

I have written a simple and effective Cold Emailing Template (Keeping SEO as a subject in Mind). Click here to download my template and customize based on your needs.


If you have ever read Predictable Revenue then you will understand the importance of prospecting and cold emailing.

Using FunnelBake, you can automate a lot of your Email Outreaching to acquire high quality leads for your business.

How you draft your email will make the biggest difference.

When sending out your next email outreaching campaign, make sure to use my 4 Para Formula as that will get you effectively much better results.

I hope you enjoyed reading. Leave your comment below and let us know your thoughts.

Also, if you want me to cover any topic in specific then do let me know.

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

Love Baking Emails.