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Cold Email Templates: That Will Generate You Sales

Understand how cold emailing works with these 7 cold email templates and and learn how to generate warm leads by utilizing them.

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka

It’s funny how much communication has progressed in the last 20 years. Just two decades ago land lines were the standard. Although the Internet and cell phones became exciting new alternatives, they were still in their infancy at that point.

Nowadays you can strike up a conversation with anyone regardless of their geolocation. Furthermore, given that most people share their contact information online, you can easily reach individuals who were previously inaccessible. You can even send a Twitter to the President of USA!

While social media messaging has its charms and has grown in the last few years, it usually isn’t the right channel for contacting influencers and businessmen. Yes, most people are available on Facebook or LinkedIn but most of them still prefer email communication.

This is just one of the reasons why emails and email templates are so important. If you want to learn more about proper email communication, read the whole article. We are going to share our best tips and tricks!

Benefits of emails

You simply cannot be an efficient online marketer without learning some email basics and etiquette. No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, you need to create awesome emails which will not only attract attention but result in a positive outcome (in other words sales).

There are lots of reasons why emails should be your first option:

  • They are formal

Unlike social networks which are littered with various posts, email clients are always clean and neat. There will be no banners and other stuff in the background. This is very important as you wish to create a serious image of your company.

  • Email clients are better at sorting

You may argue that every social media platform has an inbox where you can find previous communication. While this may be true, it is much easier finding an old message within the Gmail’s inbox. All of them have search bars which allow you to quickly find a contact as well as previous communication even if you only have a fraction of person’s name or email.

  • Tracking communication

Whenever you send a message via an email client, a thread is created. This thread will remain in place as long as you’re on the topic. You can, of course, create a new one at any time. Unlike email clients, social platforms such as Facebook make it hard to find particular sections of the conversation. Emails are also way better when it comes to tracking dates and time; something that may prove to be useful during any communication.

  • Legal proof

Emails are probably one of the best legal proofs of communication. While you’re able to record your phone conversations, nothing beats email messages. Again, this may come in handy in certain cases. It can also be used to remind the other side of the original agreement if things get dicey.

  • Emails give you time to think

People are constantly preoccupied with what others think of them. Some businessmen are uncomfortable when directly communicating through social media. This is due to its form: if you start a conversation, it is expected that you will be nearby and that you will respond to each line promptly. There is no option of deleting stuff after it has been said and if you’re quick on your fingers, you might write something that presents you in a negative light. With emails this is not an issue.

Even with all these benefits, email communication may not be ideal in certain cases.

This usually depends on the industry in which you’re working. Needless to say, if you’re communicating with social media influencers, it will be much better to pitch them directly through their favorite network.

There are also those who rarely open their emails and perform most of their communication through social media instead. In that sense, blindly clinging to email messaging may even backfire in certain cases.

Ultimately, it all depends on what you want to accomplish with your message.

Our 7 Battle-tested Email Templates

Without any further ado, let’s check our 7 awesome email templates!

1. “Not so cold contact”

Cold emailing is one of the most common yet most unpopular ways of communicating via email. Why is that? Well, the other person simply doesn’t know you!

It takes a lot of time for establishing a good working relationship; it isn’t something that happens overnight. Same goes for trust. But still you need to contact this individual, right?

If there is absolutely nothing connecting the two of you, make sure to discover their hobby or something else they’re interested in. We all leave clues on the Internet and it is fairly easy finding these breadcrumbs.

By investing a few minutes of your time, you’re creating a nice personalized email that a person will have trouble saying no to!

Hey (NAME),

I’ve noticed that you’re a big fan of Liverpool Football Club! Me too. Hope they do well this year.

Anyway, I am a colleague working in the same industry and I just wanted to say hi.

Hope you don’t mind.




Hey (NAME),

I just came across your great post in “Cold Email Outreach” group. I really liked it and I’ll give your hack a try this week.

Anyway, I am a colleague working in the same industry and I just wanted to say hi.

Keep up the great work!



Regardless of your efforts, you need to keep in mind that cold emailing has a low percentage of success. You will have to create lots of similar emails and to invest lots of time in research and personalization in order to make good progress.

Also, keep in mind that cold email should serve as an opener. You shouldn’t directly pitch a person after the first email as it may seem too straightforward for most people. However, it is a good way to create a long-lasting relationship and present yourself to another businessman.

2. “We are almost friends”

Unlike the first example, referrals are much more potent. You and your target have a mutual friend which makes everything much easier. While this doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed in your intent, at least you will be able to tear down some initial barriers.

Hey (NAME),

I recently browsing (NAME)’s Facebook profile and I noticed you among his friends. It seems that we’re both working in the same industry.

Your new project/ post seems really intriguing. Wish you all the best with it!




Hey (NAME),

I recently spoke with (NAME) about creating a professional network. He spoke highly of you as one of the best professionals in your field!

I’ve taken the liberty of checking your site and there are lots of cool stuff on it.

I’d love to have a chat with you sometime!



Keep in mind there are several ground rules when it comes to referrals:

  • Don’t lie about the person who referred you! This is something that can easily be checked

  • It is much better if you actually speak with a mutual friend before contacting the other person. However, it is not always necessary

  • The fact that you have a mutual friend doesn’t make you friends with the person you’re reaching out to. Build the relationship slowly, don’t be pushy

3. “Does this work for you?”

One of the best ways of selling products and services is to you contact people who actually need them. This is a bit harder to pull off as most people don’t share such information in public. Still, there are ways of finding companies searching for a product or service similar to yours.

Good day (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). I am a provider of (PRODUCT/SERVICE) and my organization is regarded as one of the most trustworthy in the field.

I recently noticed that you need a product/service similar to the one I’m selling.


Would you be interested in something like this?



This template gives you much more leeway but at the same time, it is more formal. Unlike previous approaches, here you can instantly pitch an idea.

Given that the other side is already looking for a solution to a problem, they will probably at least hear you out.

4. “Ours is better”

People are prepared to make almost any kind of a deal as long as it suits their needs. Business can be ruthless sometimes and you have to make amends with it.

Keep in mind that this template is not for everyone; some people will even find it offensive. But if you wish to beat your competition and get a bigger piece of the market, it is something you should to consider.

This is a variation of the previous template but with a twist: you are offering to replace other companies service or product.

Good day (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). I am a provider of (PRODUCT/SERVICE) and my organization is regarded as one of the most trustworthy in the field.

I recently noticed that you’re using a product/service similar to the one I’m selling. However, there is a big difference between our products.


Our product/service has the following advantages over the one you’re using: 


Would you be interested in something like this?



This is a very sensitive template so you need to keep these things in mind:

  • Companies that have worked together for some time usually have strong relationships. There is even a chance that the pitched entrepreneur will share this information with their supplier (your direct competitor)

  • You know that the company is already using something similar so you can be certain they have the need for such a product/service

  • While very risky, this template can also be very beneficial

5. “Super Duper offer!”

Special offers are as old as the Internet itself.

In some cases, these offers aren’t real ones. The seller isn’t actually giving a discount but it only seems so.

Nevertheless, no matter how you feel about exclusive offers, there are people who like them and will jump on an opportunity to get something free or cheap.

Hey (NAME),

Are you looking for a new (PRODUCT/SERVICE)? Are you sick and tired of your old (PRODUCT/SERVICE)?

Then why don’t you consider buying our (PRODUCT/SERVICE)?

To commemorate our (REASON FOR YOUR SUPER DISCOUNT) we have decided to create this special offer for people working within our industry/fans! You will never catch such a great opportunity! Make sure to contact us today as we have limited stock.



Things to note:

  • Unlike some other approaches, you won’t have to personalize your message as much. Just make sure to give an explanation why you’re offering this product or service at such a cheap price

  • Make sure that the offer is actually special. Compare your prices with others on the Internet t make sure of it

  • This approach may not be the most profitable one but can land some loyal customers

6. “Mesmerized by content”

Everyone likes compliments.

Whether they’re coming from a friend or a complete stranger, it is always nice when a person says something positive about you or your company.

In fact, one of the most popular link building templates has to do with content. Simply put, you will praise a particular piece on a blog in an attempt to secure a backlink to your own piece.

But this isn’t the only way of using the approach. It is also a good way to begin a conversation with a cold contact.

Hey (NAME),

I recently saw this post on your blog (LINK TO POST). It is really great! I also love (TOPIC).


I’ve actually written something similar recently. Care to take a look and give me your professional feedback?



Although you don’t have to read the whole post, you should at least read a small part of it. This way you can give an actual feedback. Given that this is your first time communicating with a person, you need to look like an honest person. Once they respond, you can find a good way to start talking about buisiness.

7. “Let me help you with that”

Small assistance can go a long way.

One of the least intrusive templates is the one in which you offer assistance. If you’re a software tool provider or you simply noticed a broken link on person’s site, you can mention this in your initial email.

Hey (NAME),

I recently saw a post on your blog (LINK TO POST). It is really great! I loved your insights on (TOPIC).

However, it seems there are some broken links on the page. I’ve taken the liberty of providing a replacement; this post is very similar in both quality and information:


Hope this works for you!



This is a win-win scenario where both sides get something out of it.

If you’re advertising a tool, you can directly provide a fix within the email. Who knows; perhaps you get a new customer? Unfortunately, some people may find this approach to be a bit intrusive but that rarely happens given you’re helping them fix a problem.

Last thoughts

These templates are awesome by themselves but feel free to tweak them as you see fit. In fact, we encourage you to do so! Always remember that people are different so your experience may be different from ours.

No matter what, make sure to be polite, friendly and always observe things from the other perspective. Only then can you provide something that a person actually needs.

Udit Goenka

Udit Goenka

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