Close More Deals with these 7 Best Sales Emails

Quality over Quantity will always land you more customers. If you want to close more deals over cold emails, then these best sales emails are all you need.

Udit GoenkaUdit Goenka

When starting a sales career, most people think they will be great at it.

They’ve watched lots of Hollywood movies where salesmen are presented as superstars and believe they can do that as well.

Here is the sad truth – selling a product is hard especially if you’re doing it online.

You have to have great skills and to be really persuasive. Even then, you cannot be certain if a potential customer will get hooked. All of that is multiplied when selling on the web as you don’t have a direct contact with the customer.

But, don’t worry. There is a solution.

You can close more leads by having actionable email templates in your arsenal.

In this guide, I will share some of my favorite email templates and how to properly use them.

Still not sure? Well, read on and let me convince you!

Importance of email marketing and sales

Everyone would like to have a profitable online shop. All you would have to do is fill the orders and money would pour into your pocket. But the road to profitability is often really hard when it comes to sales.

We went a long way from door-to-door salesmen to modern email pitches. Although some other forms of sales are still not obsolete, they are slowly being replaced by their digital versions.

The reason for this is simple – Emails can do much more!

Now, experienced salesmen will argue that there is no better approach than speaking to a person face-to-face.
This is true.

But how much time does it take to visit all these people? How much gasoline do you have to spend in attempts to persuade someone to give you a chance?

A lot.

Here are some benefits to using emails for selling products and services:

  • Emails have much lower costs which usually come down to software.

  • A user is able to send hundreds of messages in a short time span.

  • They don’t recognize geolocation too. No matter where leads live, you can easily reach them via email.

  • Lastly, unlike direct communication, emails give you enough time to change your offer and rethink your strategy.

It wouldn’t be fair not to mention flaws because there are several:

  • Emails can be really impersonal.

  • Direct sales are much better if we’re talking about cold contacts.

  • Other forms of sales give you the opportunity to negotiate live and close a deal during the same day without going back and forth.

Conversion is also a factor.

Traditional sale pitches have a much better conversion on average. This is due to previously mentioned factors which allows you to negotiate directly. Also, it is much harder to decline an offer when face-to-face with another person.

Keep in mind that this data can be deceiving.

While emails don’t have such a high conversion rate, they still rock in terms of productivity. In fact, this is the main reason why companies prefer them.

When everything is said and done, you are more likely to main profit by using this form of communication.

Things to remember before we dive in

Eager to get to templates? We’re getting there soon enough. Let’s just take a moment to talk about important elements of a sale email.

Emails shouldn’t be rushed.

Depending on the situation and how you’re using them, they might represent the first contact with a potential lead. Like with every first impression, you need to be careful yet strategic; to provoke interest in a person. At the same time, it’s necessary to be polite and professional.

In that regard, they will be similar to standard emails which you send to company owners and other business contacts.

Here are some tricks that you want to use:

  • Each email has to be personalized. Although I mentioned that you can use software, it is still much better to give it a bit of a personal touch. It all depends on how you scale it and how many people you wish to contact. Always remember that personalized messages have better conversion rate so it might be worth an extra effort.

  • Prospect needs to be at the center of attention. It is not about you, your company or product. It is all about customers and their needs. By focusing on a client, you will be able to find what a person really needs.

  • Content needs to be informative but above else readable. Businessmen get thousands of similar messages during a month so you need to create something that will attract attention. Your paragraphs should be shorter and up to a point. You might even consider hiring a professional content writer for this purpose.

  • The title is the key to success. Again, like the rest of the content, the title needs to spark curiosity. At the same time, it should be a good representation of your offer and shouldn’t be misleading in any way.

  • Although you’re representing a company, it is necessary for a lead to connect with you on human basis. The only way of doing it is by being direct and open. The conversational tone is much better than being too formal as it opens avenues that didn’t exist before.

  • Be clear regarding your intentions. New salesmen often get frightened of a negative response. As a result, they never ask a person to actually buy a product or service. Instead, they try to beat around the bush in an attempt to soften the blow. This is always bad. The potential client needs to understand what is your request and what you expect from him.

  • However, you shouldn’t go all out as well. Good salesmen often start by offering a trial or a smaller package. This is good for leads as it allows them to test a product or service without paying too much. Find a perfect middle where you will still be able to make money but won’t scare the person away by proposing impossible.

  • Follow-ups are key to any sale. In fact, most sales occur after the 3rd, 4th and even 5th email. Always be persistent and if a person has shown at least a bit of an interest, don’t let it go.

Phew! That is quite a list.

Nevertheless, these are all the things you need to know when creating sales templates.

But let’s get to our crown jewel.

7 Best email templates

First and foremost, keep in mind that there are much more cool templates out there.

However, I’ve decided to separate them into 7 subcategories according to their purpose. This way, you will have a nice template for every occasion.

1. Cold outreach

Oftentimes seen as the trickiest type of sale, cold outreach is a challenge even for seasoned salesmen.

In this case, your options are limited – you have to be direct, polite and to hope you struck a nerve. Always remember that conversion rate for these messages is pretty low so don’t be disappointed if things don’t go your way!

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). We are working in the SEO niche and are looking for new clients.

Do you want to improve rankings of your website? Have you ever thought of hiring a professional to do it for you? If the answer is yes, give me a call and let’s see what I can do for you!



2. Highly-personalized template

Now, this doesn’t mean that you didn’t have to personalize the previous message. It just that it required less of it.

Highly-personalized templates are made when you wish to target an entrepreneur or a company. You’ve previously researched them and have lots of data about their business.

Now it’s time to get into action!

These messages usually have a higher level of conversion and more frequently lead to sales. However, they take much more time and thoughtful planning.

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). I’ve noticed that your company recently started (NAME OF THEIR PROJECT). 

We are impressed with your efforts and in particular by (DESCRIPTION). 

Is there any way we can partner with you? 

We have lots of expertize in the (YOUR NICHE) field and we can be a good partner if you need one! 



3. Referrals

Even though sales emails are a digital form, that doesn’t mean you cannot go for old tricks.

Referrals still work awesomely even if you’re doing your job online. If you’re looking for new customers, you can always ask previous clients to recommend people who might be interested in your products and services.

Pitch them with an email! This can very well be an easy win for you.

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). Our mutual friend (NAME) said that you might be interested in our service/ product. That is great!

We have some of the best (PRODUCT TYPE) on the market and we’re certain that you’ll love what we have to offer. 

When can we set up a meeting? 



4. Follow-up emails

As previously mentioned, follow-ups are one of the best ways of securing a customer.
Sales rarely happen on the first go; instead, you have to try over and over again until the client decides to finally cave in.

This is precisely why follow-ups have such a huge significance. No matter what you’re offering, don’t forget to send these babies after your first try.
The results may astound you!

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY). I sent you an email a few days earlier. Have you received it?

If not, we are one of the best companies selling (PRODUCT TYPE) and we’re offering free trials for our new clients. 

Do you have the need for such an item? Would you like to take an advantage of this awesome offer?

If the answer is yes, when can we set up a meeting? 

I promise, you won’t regret it!



5. Startups and investments

Nowadays there are lots of crowdfunding platforms that help you get the necessary resources.

But even with all that, you might find yourself in a pinch for money.
If you have some investment opportunity or you have a startup that requires money, why don’t you try out this template?

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY).

We have an amazing new product that will change the (NAME OF THE NICHE) industry. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough money to fund it right now.

Here is a link to our website where you can learn more about our idea: (LINK). 

If you’re looking for a great investment opportunity, this is something that will likely be interesting to you. 

When would it be convenient to schedule a meeting? 

I’m sure you’ll love our product.



6. New product/old client

There are lots of companies with a limited number of products.
Once a person buys one item, who knows when they’re going to return. But you can reignite their interest by constantly creating new interesting products and services.

The best way to promote a new idea is by pitching it to your previous clients. If they bought from you once, there is a good chance they will do it again.

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY).

As our customer, we would like to inform you about the launch of our new product (PRODUCT NAME).

It is based on the latest technology and we believe it will change our industry! 

For more information on our new product visit: (LINK)

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

I’d love to have a chat!



7. Discounts

Whether we’re talking about previous clients or potential leads, you should always inform people about your discounts.

There is nothing better than a good sale and if a person has at least some interest in what you’re selling, they will most probably buy it with this extra incentive.

Hey (NAME),

My name is (NAME) from (COMPANY).

Our company recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. As a gift for our old  and new clients, we’ve decided to put everything on sale!

If you were looking for a new (NAME OF PRODUCT) this is a great opportunity to buy it cheap at the same quality.

Send us an email if you have any additional questions; we’re here to help!



Last remarks

Good email template makes all the difference.

Given that you don’t have a direct communication with your leads, a template can be the best tool at your disposal.

Didn’t quite like any of our email templates? That’s OK. Simply follow our instructions and create your own custom messages. We encourage you to do so!

Just make sure to be polite but aggressive, professional but relaxed and you won’t have any trouble closing more deals than ever.

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Udit Goenka

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