FunnelBake is an email outreaching automation sales engine that helps you personalize your emails as if it was sent manually by you.

FunnelBake is the key to automating the single most impactful lead generation strategy in the world:
Cold Email Outreaching.

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Complete Automation, Under Control.

Automate an email campaign to all your prospects, and control what happens next.

If your prospect replies, opens, does not open, after how many hours/days/months? You can do it all. Effortlessly, and with a few clicks.

FunnelBake allows you to automate at the Nth level. This means you can set up automated follow ups for weeks, months or even years.


Insightful Analytics, Tastefully Served.

Know the important data about your email campaigns. You will know exactly when each prospect has received, read, clicked on, and replied to an email.

We also designed our dashboard to show you the stats in a way you can understand them and take action on what is important.

Automate your A/B split testing, try variations of your sales copy or onboarding sequences, and compare the analytics all within FunnelBake.


Team Management and Collaboration Built In.

FunnelBake allows you to fully collaborate and control every aspect of your marketing team’s outreaching efforts.

You will be able to assign roles and restrict access based on your terms, to any of your team members.

Make email templates, full campaigns, contact lists, and even analytics available to anyone on your team, or not.

You are under control at all times, and know exactly what your marketing team is up to.


The tools you need to Automate Your Email Marketing

Template Builder

Easily create awesome emails and save them as templates to be used over and over again in multiple campaigns, by anyone on your team.

Funnel Flow Builder

Visualize your entire Email Marketing funnel and assign triggers every step of the way.

2-Way Smart Inbox

Your Inbox inside FunnelBake will only show emails that are relevant to your automation campaigns. Keep a clean and organized inbox to make following up a breeze.

Connect your preferred email server

Send emails through your Gmail account, including Gsuite and aliases. You can also integrate Amazon SES, or your own mail servers with the click of a button.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Segment your lists with every single aspect about your prospect. Create hyper-personalized emails that will resonate with your contacts and boost your conversion rates.

Detailed Analytics

Know exactly how your campaigns are doing: track total emails sent, open rates, and reply rates.

"The team behind FunnelBake have really gone above and beyond to make HANDS DOWN the most fully featured, cold outreach tool on the market."

  • Thad Lockard

    Thad Lockard

    Growth Specialist

Every second you wait, someone else could be
outreaching to your prospects.

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